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Why do hundreds of attorneys and business owners use our services again and again?

Why would some of the largest trademark attorneys in the country use a boutique company like us, and be with us for well over 10 years?

Because they know that they can depend on Creative Trademark Services to provide the highest quality trademark research services at a price far below our competent competition. 

Outsourcing searches to our firm saves our clients thousands of dollars each year and more importantly gives them an immediate staff with over 15 years experience at their fingertips. Our trademark manager personally creates each search strategy and reviews every one of our searches.

This means that your search will be crafted by someone who has been searching trademarks for close to 20 years.

Our prices are a fraction of what a competent company like Thomson & Thomson® charge, yet we use the exact same federal and state data as they do via their Thomson Reuters® subscription services. 

Attorneys also know that we pride ourselves on our customer service; always going the extra mile for our clients. When you need that favor late on a Friday or want to discuss search strategy or just need us to help fix a mistake that you made on your order form, WE ARE THERE! The larger companies just can't match our personalized service.

Many of our clients do not specialize in intellectual property and depend on our patient and friendly staff to answer all of their questions, from basic to advanced. 

Please order a search today or contact us so we can answer all of your questions. Email or call 201.825.1060. We'll be glad to give you a free consultation and explain how we can help your company or firm. 

Thomson & Thomson and Thomson Reuters are trademarks of their owners and not affiliated with us in any way.

Business Owners

All search companies are NOT alike and the scary fact is, all services appear equal until a lawsuit hits. Here are just a few reasons why we are the best trademark search company for you.

Not too small...

Don't be misled by companies that have been around for 6 months or claim they can give you adequate protection for next to nothing prices. Doing a high quality trademark search requires EXPERIENCE.

Not too big...

We won't try to sell you what you don't need.
Our whole business is set up to help the 90% of you that need to buy one product and that one product is a high quality, attorney quality, trademark search.

Every single one of our trademark specialists have over 5 years of experience and our office manager, has 17!
It takes YEARS to master the intricacies of doing a trademark search. investigating variations, similarities, truncations, homonyms, spelling differences etc.

The problem with the giant companies is they have to hire new people all the time and you never know who is going to do your search. And, if you need to call for advice, would you prefer to talk to some operator or salesperson with limited knowledge or our office manager who has 15 years of experience? Call now for a free consultation 201-825-1060.

Creative Trademark Services is JUST RIGHT!

We have been researching trademarks for over 15 years, for everyone from Fortune 500's, large legal firms and famous musicians, to the smallest mom & pop startup business.

We provide VALUE. The lowest prices for the quality you need.

Free Consultation . Not just with anyone but with our office manager who has been helping people for over 15 years.

We work for countless Attorney's.This should be very important to you when shopping for a Trademark Search company. Attorney's insist on the best data, the best researchers. You have to be a high quality firm to provide that level of service.

You can purchase a search right now or Call now for a free consultation 201-825-1060.

Q: What is the most important asset of your business,
product, service or organization??


A name is a business' or product's most valuable asset. Whether you are starting a new business,or have been conducting business for years, every time you advertise your name, receive word of mouth advertising or use your name in the course of doing business, Creative Trademark Servicesyou are investing in that name. Before you spend time and money investing in your business, you should make absolutely sure that your name is not already owned by someone else and that it is available for your use. Protecting that name may very well be the most important business decision you ever make.

How would you like to come into work and find a cease and desist letter on your desk warning you that you can no longer use your name?? Even if you rightfully own your name, it could cost thousands of dollars in court costs trying to defend yourself and months if not years of your valuable time!

Having a name search conducted will not only inform you of the availability of your name, but will enable you to analyze any conflicting marks that may already exist. Also, conducting a name search does not require you to register for a trademark, but it will give you immediate peace of mind.

Creative Trademark Services is designed to help you establish the availability of your business or product name by offering a wide variety of search packages. We can research: business names, product names, service names, slogans, tag lines, etc... Whether you are creating a new business or product, or want to protect the rights of an existing one, Creative has designed a package to suit all of your individual business' needs.

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